What Does a Dental Assistant Do? Dental Implants

What Does a Dental Assistant Do?

What does a dental assistant do? The typical duties of a certified dental assistant or DDA, are to assist the dentist and medical staff in preparation for a patient’s arrival, to ensure that the patient is relaxed during a dental procedure and to keep documentation of procedures, patient x-rays and reports. Dental assistants also commonly assist with patient preparation before a procedure, ensuring that the patient has comfortable seating and light refreshments.

What Does a Dental Assistant Do? Other Dental Information

Dental Assistants are trained to lift patients’ dentures and place them in their mouth for tooth placement and to remove braces and bands if necessary. They are responsible for other duties as well, such as preparing patients for dental procedures, sterilizing instruments and preparing the instrument tray prior to each procedure. Dental Assistants also commonly take the x-rays and make reports. Dental Assistants are generally on staff at some dental office, where they are responsible for making patients feel comfortable before seeing the dentist and for offering help in preparing patients for dental procedures. In some dental offices, DAs are the only dental professionals on staff.

So, what does a dental assistant do? DAs take care of many routine duties that most individuals would never think about. For example, a dental assistant may be responsible for calling patients and scheduling appointments, but they may also perform preventative maintenance by helping patients to maintain proper oral hygiene, such as removing plaque from teeth and educating patients on good dental hygiene practices. DAs are not licensed to do certain procedures, so Dental Assistants must be licensed by the Dental Assistant Registry to do certain procedures.

There are several different types of DAs. Dental Assistants registered with the Dental Assistant Registry are required to take continuing education courses to stay current on the latest dental procedures and safety guidelines. This makes them more knowledgeable about proper dental hygiene, patient care and the procedures that are covered by their dental plans. DAs also have the opportunity to go on dental courses designed to further their understanding of human anatomy and dental procedures.

DAs work in the office as assistants to dental practitioners who will perform the various dental procedures. However, dental assistants also perform routine duties in the dental office. These tasks may include administrative duties, such as greeting patients and taking X-rays, or they may involve specific dental procedures, such as cleaning teeth and filing dental records. A dental hygienist is also a type of dental assistant. Some hygienists also perform routine duties in the dental office, such as taking X-rays and applying topical fluoride mouth rinses.

In summary, what does a dental assistant do? There are numerous duties that dental assistants are required to perform. If you are thinking about a career in this profession, you should consider being trained as a Dental Assistant. This training gives you valuable information and prepares you for the job of your dreams.