What Dental Services Are Covered By Medicare? Dental Implants

What Dental Services Are Covered By Medicare?

Are you currently receiving treatment and are wondering, what services are covered by Medicare? Or are you thinking about starting a plan that will cover the services you need? There is a lot to consider when choosing services and coverage for your health care needs.

What Dental Services Are Covered By Medicare? Other Dental Information

The short answer to the question above is, that any and all services necessary to maintain a healthy and quality dental hygiene are fully covered by Medicare. There are two different plans that allow you to choose what services you want covered in your plan’s coverage. One plan covers basic dental procedures like cleanings, fluoride treatments, and preventative services like monthly teeth exams. It does not cover cosmetic or elective dental procedures. You can learn more about which services are included in Medicare Part A and Part B by contacting your local Medicare representative.

Another plan, called the Preferred Provider Network Plan, includes services that are not offered in the Medicare system. These include adult dental insurance plans that cover only some of the basics, rather than every dental service. They usually cover more of the cosmetic benefits but are not as comprehensive as the Medicare program.

If you do not have a dental insurance policy currently, it is possible that you will be referred to one after enrollment. Your existing provider may offer a referral to a network provider. If you choose this option, make sure that you select a company that provides both annual and monthly dental checkups. Some plans require yearly cleanings, while others prefer quarterly or monthly visits. Be sure to go over all terms and conditions of any plan you are considering.

For those who wish to see a dentist beyond the primary visit, an additional service called in-network services may be available. These services are not covered by Medicare, but you can often get them at a significantly reduced rate through another source. Check with your primary care doctor to find out if you qualify for this type of coverage.

Finally, another question to ask yourself before enrolling in a plan is whether the plan will provide coverage for emergency dental services. These services can include root canals, crowns, and braces at a cost that is significantly less than what you would pay for them at an in-network dentist. It is best to verify these services are covered by the plan you are thinking about going with. Some plans will only cover the bare minimum required by Medicare. Others will not cover any costs above that minimum. If your oral health is important to you and your budget does not allow for paying for the full amount for specialty services, a secondary plan may be a better choice.