Toothache at Night * 2020 NEW Pain Solutions Dental Implants

Toothache at Night * 2020 NEW Pain Solutions

Toothache at night is very bad for patients. We will give you information about tooth pain. You hardly notice it during the day, but as soon as you come to rest at night and want to fall asleep, the toothache becomes unbearable. The body goes down in the evening, pulse and blood pressure decrease. Hormone production is also different than during the day.


What is Toothache?

Toothache at night has been scientifically proven. One reason for the intensification of toothache at night is the fact that inflammatory processes are to a certain extent temperature-dependent. While cooling affected areas of the body can often help to contain the inflammation, warmth has a stimulating effect. At night, resting the head on a pillow can lead to overheating of the oral cavity. The rising temperature, in turn, promotes blood circulation in the area of ​​the teeth and consequently also stimulates the release of inflammatory mediators. The warmer the temperatures outside, the faster the body tends to increase inflammation. Therefore, unexpected toothaches are not uncommon, especially in midsummer.

Toothache at night just not dental pain. Above all, the level of cortisol is particularly low in the evening, as it is only formed in the second half of the night and reaches its highest level in the morning after getting up. Cortisol is the hormone that inhibits pain, which makes us appear particularly insensitive to pain in the morning. This effect decreases towards evening, as new cortisol is first formed and we feel pain more intensely. The result is an intensification of the toothache. Furthermore, a psychological component plays another decisive role in the type and extent of any pain perception. During the day, the affected patients are often distracted and therefore perceive the toothache in a weakened form. This is also a reason why toothache is felt to be particularly strong and unpleasant at night. Patients who suffer from severe toothache, especially at night, can temporarily remedy the situation with a cooling pillow. In addition, the head should be kept high at night if there is a toothache.

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