Social Determinants of Good Health and Wellness Dental Implants

Social Determinants of Good Health and Wellness

Social Determinants of Good Health and Wellness

According to the World Health Organization, health is “an overall state of health that includes physical and mental health, the quality of life, and the ability to cope with normal activities”. Different definitions have been used over the years for various purposes. In some cases, health has been viewed as the absence of illness or infirmity. This definition in short, encompasses all the facets of health that affects a person’s ability to live his life as well as cope with ordinary activities. For those who know a little about the concepts behind health, they might be able to understand what this simple yet important concept means for their own well being.

Social Determinants of Good Health and Wellness Health and Fitness

Those who are suffering from various kinds of ailments, or even just infirmities, usually lack a good and healthy lifestyle. Lack of physical fitness, insufficient sleep, a poor diet, and sedentary lifestyle are the major causes why many people are infirm and plagued by health problems. A well-balanced and healthy lifestyle is the surest way to prevent health problems like obesity, heart problems, blood pressure, diabetes, and other health conditions that can cause pain and discomfort in the body.

A good health condition needs a good diet, regular exercise, relaxation, and a stress-free atmosphere. It also needs to be well-informed about current medical sciences, and be aware of preventive measures that can keep them from getting sick. However, the definition of a good health condition has evolved into a more complex one now. Basically, it has to include not only good physical health but also a good mental health that goes along with physical and mental wellness. The quality of life depends on how much we enjoy our daily routine, and how much we are content with the way we are living.

A simple health test can help a lot in determining the presence or absence of certain health conditions. If you feel that you have physical ailments that might develop into a physical illness or cause you stress, then you need to visit your doctor. However, it is also important to determine the presence of psychological disorders as well, such as anxiety and depression. If you have a combination of both mental illness and physical ailments, then you may already be prone to developing several different types of health problems. One example of this is the presence of higher risk factors for cancer, such as being overweight or having poor diet, smoking, and long-term exposure to physical pollution.

Poor diet and exercise, poor social interactions, and physical pollution contribute significantly to a poor state of mental health and wellbeing. Therefore, public health experts now see a clear link between poor diet and lack of physical activity, poor social interactions, and poor psychological well-being. This is the reason why many public health agencies nowadays focus on promoting healthy lifestyles through education, community development, and better community service.

The above mentioned factors are just some of the social determinants of health and wellness. Of all the factors considered, the ones that are closely linked to quality of life are quality of health care and good social environments. Both of these are intertwined with one another. People who do not receive proper health care can get sick, and those who are surrounded by unhealthy people are at greater risks of getting sick as well. On the other hand, if the public health system is not functioning well, then people will tend to avoid going to hospitals or clinics, thus decreasing the quality of their lives overall.

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