Root Canal Vs Implant * 2020 Cheapest Root Canal Cost Dental Implants

Root Canal Vs Implant * 2020 Cheapest Root Canal Cost

Root canal vs implant is hard a question. Patients are often faced with the question: do I have a root canal treatment or do I opt for a dental implant? Ideally, you will receive comprehensive and conscientious advice on this matter from your dentist. From a dental perspective, various aspects are taken into account – your initial situation, the treatment goal, and the functional and aesthetic prognosis. One thing in advance: the decision always depends on the individual diagnosis.

What is a root canal?

What is a root canal question is important for patients. Preserving your own teeth is the primary goal in dentistry. When it comes to a tooth that has been damaged, for example by caries or a microcrack down to the pulp of the tooth – i.e. down to the nerve fibers and vessels in the tooth – root canal treatment is one of the last treatment options to preserve the tooth. Inflammation of the tooth root becomes noticeable through dull, throbbing pain in the jaw, pain when biting open, or through permanent pain that can be felt even when the patient is resting. Such complaints can also occur after a root canal treatment. However, if the conditions are optimal, the chances of success of a modern root canal treatment are very good, as proven by many dental studies.

The dental implant is a long-term and aesthetic solution

Root canal vs implant, In the cases described above and if a root canal treatment has a poor prognosis for the success of tooth preservation, tooth extraction, and subsequent implant treatment may be the better solution. And even if a root canal treatment is not even possible, for example, due to complex, inaccessible roots or extremely strong root curvature with many smaller side canals, which often occurs in the posterior region. Too little residual tooth substance of the affected tooth can be a strong argument against a root canal treatment, or if the tooth should later be part of a more comprehensive prosthetic restoration. If the decision is made to extract the tooth, the tooth socket is stabilized after the tooth removal in order to provide sufficient support for the implant. The regression of the jawbone is kept so low that the implantation can be carried out later without complications. A bone substitute material helps the body to form new bone.

Root Canal Vs Implant * 2020 Cheapest Root Canal Cost Other Dental Information  Root Canal Vs Implant * 2020 Cheapest Root Canal Cost Other Dental Information

The advantages of a Dental Implant (Tooth implant )

Tooth implant, If a root canal treatment is not possible or does not make sense, i.e. the tooth cannot be preserved, an implant offers you many advantages that stand on their own or that are particularly beneficial compared to conventional bridge dentures. A dental prosthesis on implants completely restores the chewing function and is also the best alternative in terms of aesthetics to replace missing teeth:

  • The problems and pain caused by the diseased tooth root can no longer occur
  • Health risks from bacterial toxins, such as the preservation of a diseased tooth after a root canal, are excluded
  • The duration of treatment is usually shorter with an implant solution
  • Tooth implants are extremely resilient and can last a lifetime
  • The chewing function is similar to that of your own healthy teeth
  • The healthy neighboring teeth do not have to be ground
  • The jawbone is preserved while it regresses in a bridge denture
  • An implant solution is a long-term aesthetic correction; after a root canal treatment, the tooth often turns gray
  • Tolerance is particularly high because a tooth implant is made of biocompatible pure titanium

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