Prescription Toothpaste For Sensitive Teeth * 2021 Prescription Toothpaste For Enamel Dental Implants

Prescription Toothpaste For Sensitive Teeth * 2021 Prescription Toothpaste For Enamel

Prescription Toothpaste First, what is prescription toothpaste? And how does it differ from ordinary commercial toothpaste? Simply put, prescription toothpaste such as the name suggests is a special toothpaste purchased from a dentist or is a toothpaste that must be prescribed by a dentist. You won’t find these types of toothpaste at your average grocery store. These types of products are only available through a dental office.

Why would anyone need to use prescription toothpaste?

There are a few different reasons for this. Many dentists will recommend the use of a high-quality tooth-whitening product as a preventative measure. Over time, many tooth-related problems can be prevented if a person has regular dental visits. However, if a person’s teeth are damaged or have other structural damage such as a cavity, then a dental professional will often recommend a patient move to a long-term treatment plan that includes tooth-whitening products along with a complete cleaning procedure and/or a filling.

For those who brush their teeth only twice daily, two minutes of tooth brushing is often enough to get their teeth clean. However, if you wear dentures or have braces, then you probably only brush your teeth one time each day. The recommended way to brush your teeth is with the direction of your toothbrush sweeping from the center to the outer edges. This ensures that you brush all areas of the tooth that need to be cleaned.

It is important to note that tooth decay begins in the innermost parts of the tooth. It is the deposits of food and plaque that begin to build up and become hard. If not removed in a timely manner, cavities can form. A cavity is a major problem that can require the services of a highly trained dentist. Two minutes of tooth brushing however is often sufficient to prevent cavities.

Prescription Toothpaste That Works

Fluoride is known to help strengthen bones as well as helping to prevent cavities. If your dentist has recommended that you start brushing your teeth with a brand that contains fluoride, then it is important to follow his or her recommendations and not use regular table salt as a toothpaste ingredient. Sodium lauryl sulfate, commonly found in regular table salt is actually very harmful to the teeth and can lead to dental fluorosis, a condition where the enamel on the teeth fades over time.

Another problem with common table salt is that it causes dental problems when it gets into the mouth and reaches the back of the throat. The tiny particles cause an allergic reaction that causes inflammation of the linings of the throat. This inflames the area, which leads to coughing. Another result of swallowing salt in the form of a powdery substance is called phlegm, which is a precursor to chronic tonsillitis. If you suffer from these symptoms then you will be glad to know that using prescription toothpaste with a natural alternative to sodium lauryl sulfate can solve your problem for good. Using a product containing potassium sorbate (a common ingredient in regular toothpaste) is like getting a shot of potassium to help eliminate the bacteria that cause dental decay.

prescription toothpaste for sensitive teeth & prescription toothpaste for enamel