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Parkell Dental Supply – Source For Dental Equipment

Parkell Dental Supply, located in Winston-Salem, NC, is America’s leading provider of affordable dental products (electrodes, ultrasonic digital dentistry tools, ultrasonic energy sources, dental implants, denture solutions, bridges, crowns, veneers, teeth whitening kits, gum lifts, custom orthodontics, etc. ), scalpels, handpieces, hygienists, hygienic and technical accessories, instruments, sterilizers, and a full range of dental laboratory supplies. Established in 1948, Parkell, Incorporated is the U.S. leader among dental supply companies. The company produces dental electronics that meet exacting standards. This includes all of the dental tools necessary to perform all dental procedures. They also offer a full range of dental laboratory supplies.

Parkell Dental Supply sells denture products, such as denture trays, custom dentures, gel dentures, bridges, custom orthodontics, dental implants, gum lifts, teeth whitening kits, braces, retainers, crowns, veneers, and more. Dentures and lab equipment are sold by the part or package, and not by the manufacturer. All parts are made by the same quality standards as those used by the dental implants company called Parkell Dental Supply. The company is ISO certified and sells dental laboratory supplies, dental instruments, and prosthetics that are approved for use by dentists.

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The parkell scaler and the electro-surgery unit are manufactured in the United States, and the parts and machine accessories are made in China. Both parts companies and machine accessories manufacturers have passed the toughest regulatory standards, set down by the Society of American Mechanical Engineers (SAFE). Both of the companies produce dental instruments used in dental offices throughout the country. The electro-surgery unit has a clean machine with over 100 high power microscopes.

The parcel Dillon scissor is one model in the parked range which is suitable for light to moderate stain removal. The new-style, clean machine is fully automatic with the ability to add or remove a plate as needed. It features an extra rubber “sealer” that prevents damage to the adjacent plates. This model is compatible with all of the denture and lab equipment sold by Parkell Dental Supply. The technician that operates this model has the ability to adjust the settings and is able to operate the machine with one hand.

The new-style electric scaler utilizes high-quality diamond bearings, precision-tuned for maximum smoothness and accuracy. The Parkell 300se electro-surgery unit retails for approximately $500 US. There is a limited product stock number available.

The new electric scaler utilizes the new Parkell Dental Supply torque wrench with a seven programmable parameter and allows the operator to make adjustments. The torque wrench includes a one-handle clutch system and an automatic return ball bearing. The d551 le clean machine is a fully automatic machine and can be programmed for almost any procedure. Parkell’s new electronic blood flow meter (ECF) can measure the oxygen saturation of the patient’s blood in minutes. Parkell also sells a blood pressure monitor, digital pulse oximeter, digital blood pressure monitor, and an electrocardiograph machine.

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