Orascoptic Lenses * 2021 New Dental Supplies Dental Implants

Orascoptic Lenses * 2021 New Dental Supplies

Orascoptic lenses boast industry-best performance, delivering superior visual quality and highly optimized acuity for clear and sharper vision. Tested to reduce glare and increase peripheral vision, Orascoptic lenses provide exceptional vision correction. The patented Oraeye Oraca TM lens is an Orascoptic model that includes patented WaveScopes, patented Light Scattering and Refractive Heat Lasers and patented WaveIDs. All of these contribute to the Orascoptic lens’s outstanding lens design and superior performance. Better Vision with Better Results. Pure optical science developed the Orascoptic hopes to deliver superior vision solutions with improved resolution and visual acuity over conventional eye-wear designs. Recent third-party independent testing confirms Orascoptic’s industry-best position in improving image clarity over leading U.S. soft house brands. Independent testing also confirms Orascoptic’s status as the world leader in achieving consistently high resolution, superior visual acuity, and other important optical quality parameters.

Orascoptic Laser Technology Provides Enhanced Visual Acuity for Clinicians and Dentists

Achieving these superior results requires innovative manufacturing processes using state-of-the-art materials and techniques. To ensure that all processes and materials are employed to perfection, Orascoptic has partnered with leading dental loupes and hygiene loupes manufacturers to bring Orascoptic to life. The primary objective of this partnership is to provide superior solutions and better customer service. When dealing with the health of our patients, we take a more holistic approach and consider patient wellbeing as our number one priority. That’s why we have worked hard to incorporate comprehensive, on-going dental care improvement programs such as in-office consultations with qualified dentists, in-office professional cleaning and maintenance, as well as monthly in-office quality audits.

All of these efforts have been designed to ensure the highest possible level of patient satisfaction through the creation of an integrated dental practice. At every step of the process, expert dentists collaborate with their colleagues in the dental department to create personalized orascoptic hygiene treatment plans. In addition to the creation of individual treatment plans for patients, the comprehensive packages produced by this partnership have been transformed into interactive educational learning systems that educate patients and their families about proper or preventive dental care, basic oral hygiene, and the importance of utilizing dental loupes or surgical loupes. These comprehensive learning systems are now available to patients at Orascoptic Laser Technology in the comfort of their own dental office.

Through these comprehensive programs, dentists and hygienists alike can learn new methods for enhancing the overall health and safety of the patient and the success of any orascoptic or surgical procedure. As a result of integrating our knowledge and technology with clinical specialists in the dental hygienist profession, we have developed an advanced product performance management system that allows us to monitor and track patient outcomes using our state-of-the-art otoscopic instrumentation and software. By combining these tools, we are able to provide patients with personalized orascoptic maintenance and treatment recommendations tailored to meet each individual’s unique dental care needs. This system allows dentists and clinicians to generate corrective visual acuity measurements, evaluate corneal blood flow, or assess intraocular pressure directly from the computer.

The superior visualization offered by Orascoptic laser technology allows us to design and fine-tune treatments in the safest and most effective manner possible. We have also designed our software to integrate seamlessly with our clinician-first features that allow for easy, painless data entry and the provision of immediate patient education. Now patients can benefit from these highly advanced product performance management solutions as well as our other exciting offerings that combine the latest technology and outstanding product performance and therapeutic benefits for the entire patient-provider relationship.