Oral Surgeon Salary * 2021 Oral Surgeon Salary $173,470 - $208,000 Dental Implants

Oral Surgeon Salary * 2021 Oral Surgeon Salary $173,470 – $208,000

Oral Surgeon Salary is very good. You may be wondering, how much does an oral surgeon make. There are many factors that contribute to the oral surgeon salary you receive. For example, some cosmetic or reconstructive surgeries are paid by the hour while others are paid on a competitive basis. Many oral surgeons also choose to work privately for private patients. Regardless, of whether you work in a hospital, dentist office, or private practice, your salary will be based on many variables.

Oral Surgeon Salary * 2021 Oral Surgeon Salary $173,470 - $208,000 Other Dental Information

The National Association of Schools of Dentistry (NASD) provides the most current oral surgeon salary information. According to NASD, salaries range from twenty-one thousand to forty-five thousand dollars for adults and thirty-nine thousand to seventy thousand dollars for teenagers. The national average for all individuals who complete a dental residency is thirty-two thousand dollars. While these salaries are for practicing oral surgeons, those who elect to take additional advanced education are likely to earn higher salaries. Those who complete a four-year degree program in general dentistry will earn approximately fifty thousand dollars.

In addition to the national average, you should consider the location, area of specialization, and employment history when considering an oral surgeon salary. Salaries can vary greatly depending on whether you live in a small city, a large city, or a rural area. As you may expect, a cityscape will likely earn more than a rural dentist. However, if you are considering a job in oral surgery, it would be beneficial to find out what the national salary is for the position you are applying for.

Oral Surgeon Salary * 2021 Oral Surgeon Salary $173,470 - $208,000 Other Dental Information

Dental students and young adults interested in a dental career can increase their chances for a higher oral surgeon salary by pursuing internships in major dental offices. The length of the internship program depends on the school’s policy and the length of the degree program. Oral surgeons with a bachelor’s degree typically have longer internship programs lasting between one to three months. These students may spend a few days shadowing oral surgeons and attending a few day-long lectures about the field. On the other hand, dental students who already have experience working under the supervision of a licensed dentist often choose shorter rotations, which could last from one week to two weeks.

Not surprisingly, the cost of attending medical school and passing all required exams is another determining factor in determining your oral surgeon salary. However, there are still many factors that contribute to this figure. For example, if a person has worked in the field for several years, they are likely to earn slightly higher wages than someone who is just starting out. The same is true if the person is in a good employer brand and has good references. Those with prestigious positions such as surgeon generally make more than the average annual salary.

How much is an Oral Surgeon Salary?

Oral Surgeon Salary is shown differently in locations. One area that has consistently ranked high in terms of overall compensation is the city of Boston, Massachusetts. Residents in this area earn the highest salaries in the country, according to the American Dental Association. This is likely due to the fact that dentists in this area tend to be highly trained, highly paid professionals. They are also highly skilled at their jobs, so they command a high salary across the board. However, because they are also some of the best dentists in the country, the competition for jobs is extremely strong. Dentists can earn anywhere from a base salary of around $300 per hour to a maximum of over $700 per hour.

State Annual Salary Monthly Pay Weekly Pay Hourly Wage
New York $359,463 $29,955 $6,913 $172.82
New Hampshire $349,064 $29,089 $6,713 $167.82
Wyoming $320,394 $26,699 $6,161 $154.04
West Virginia $312,302 $26,025 $6,006 $150.15
Pennsylvania $310,793 $25,899 $5,977 $149.42
Massachusetts $308,483 $25,707 $5,932 $148.31
Montana $302,168 $25,181 $5,811 $145.27
Hawaii $301,568 $25,131 $5,799 $144.98
Arizona $299,059 $24,922 $5,751 $143.78
Washington $297,525 $24,794 $5,722 $143.04
New Jersey $297,318 $24,776 $5,718 $142.94
Indiana $297,142 $24,762 $5,714 $142.86
Connecticut $296,106 $24,675 $5,694 $142.36

Whether a patient needs a root canal or dental implants, it is important for them to consider any options that may give them access to affordable care. Fortunately, in today’s economy, there are many options available to those who qualify. Students who plan on going to school should look into all of the financing options that they have available to them before applying for student loans. Many students find that there are plenty of scholarships and private loans available to those with low incomes, and these can be used to help pay for oral surgeons’ college expenses and to make other educational expenses. Those who have more substantial student debt loads can look into getting a consolidation loan to help lower their payments after graduation.

Oral Surgeon Salary * 2021 Oral Surgeon Salary $173,470 - $208,000 Other Dental Information

Earning a fabulous oral surgeon salary depends on a number of factors. Of course, a candidate’s educational background and experience will play a large role, but the type of job they do will also factor into how much they earn. For example, those who perform cosmetic procedures such as implants may earn far more than those who perform procedures such as root canals. By carefully considering all of an individual’s financial possibilities before applying for a job, students can ensure that they are able to pay all of their bills after they graduate and begin working.

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