Opalescence Go *2021 New Super Opalescent Teeth Whitening Dental Implants

Opalescence Go *2021 New Super Opalescent Teeth Whitening

Opalescence Go is an amazing teeth whitener system that can help you look younger and brighter. The innovative teeth whitening gels from Opalescence tooth whitening are designed to bleach your teeth without damaging them at all. The powerful bleaching agent used in Opalescence Go can reach deep down on the teeth, whiten the enamel, and bleach your teeth effectively without causing damage. This is unlike other teeth whiteners that use hydrogen peroxide or regular bleach that can cause your teeth to break down and damage over time.

Opalescence Go *2021 New Super Opalescent Teeth Whitening Dental Products

The teeth whitener system from Opalescence includes three key components that work together to produce the brightest smile you could ever imagine. The professional opalescence go kits contain an innovative whitener gel that contains powerful new ingredients like Menthol, Citrus Limon, and Orange Extract. These ingredients can work together to remove stains, germs, and discoloration from your teeth quickly and effectively without the risk of damage or pain. These gels are preloaded whitening trays that contain a patented double layer of teeth whitener gel that contains Nano Lipobelle HEQ10 to power brightening agents.

The double layer of gel reacts differently to various foods and drinks to ensure the whitest teeth with no sensitivity or burning after the trays are used. An innovative process called “dissolving” the gel also allows it to be easily rinsed out from the mouth, minimizing any potential for “staining” in the future. The gel can last for up to four weeks before needling must start to take place to achieve results. Because you have so much control over the way your teeth look, and because your teeth are already bright and strong you will not experience any more sensitivity or pain than you would from some other methods.

The Benefits Of Opalescence Go For In-office Treatment

One of the most popular features of Opalescence Go that sets it apart from its competition is the fact that your results will not only be noticeable right away, but they will last for months on end. You can continue to use the treatments at home as often as you want, while still maintaining the dazzling celebrity smile you are hoping to attain. This is accomplished through dentists benefiting from the patented “duplicate teeth” technology. It is very common for people to lose sensitivity and even whiteness over time due to the wear and tear of regular everyday things such as coffee, tea, wine, and even pen biting. With the use of duplicated teeth, your teeth stay bright, shiny, and strong-no matter how often you eat or drink!

If you choose to take advantage of the benefits of Opalescence Go’s unique bleaching system, you will need to select from one of two different trays options. The first tray requires only a little time for application and removal; it consists of an invisible rubber band with a small Hydrogen peroxide gel. This gel is designed to wear down after fifteen minutes, creating a luminescent glow from within the teeth. The second trays require a little more time to prepare; this time allows the teeth whitener chemical to permeate the teeth and oxidize the whiteness in them after fifteen minutes of application. After fifteen minutes have passed, the trays need to be removed and discarded, and then replaced with the second.

Many dentists consider Opalescence Go the most effective teeth bleaching product currently available for in-office treatment. Its ease of use makes it a very pleasant experience, and many patients find that the results are remarkably even after the first application. This makes this treatment a practical choice for many busy people who are eager to get a brighter smile without the hassle or expense of professional treatments. When you consider what makes this treatment stand out from its competition, it becomes clear just why it is such a highly coveted option.

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