Mint Dentistry Condition Dental * 2020 Best Of Dentistry Dental Implants

Mint Dentistry Condition Dental * 2020 Best Of Dentistry

Mint Condition Dental is a full-service mint dentistry clinic that offers all in one place mint dentistry¬†solutions in Cheney, Liberty Lake, Pullman, and Colfax. The Mint Condition Dental provides its patients with the best dental care service regardless of the type of procedure they need. The Mint Condition team consists of experienced dentists, hygienists, and dental assistants who are committed to gaining patients’ satisfaction from the services they receive. At Mint Dental offices, you are offered plenty of services which include tooth restoration, tooth extraction, dental crowns and bridges, root canal therapy, dental implants as well as teeth whitening, and regular exams.

Mint Condition Dental Teams

Marshall Gibbs, DDS
owns and operates Mint Conditional Dental.

Dr. Chelsea Keck
Dr. Dakota Baugus
Dr. Dalton Harding
Dr. Michael Scholes
Dr. Sheena Wood

Mint Dentistry Condition Dental Locations

Cheney 60 Simpson Parkway Cheney, WA 99004

Liberty Lake 21801 E Country Vista Dr, #105 Liberty Lake, WA 99019

Pullman 1410 SE Bishop Blvd Pullman, WA 99163

Colfax 204 S Main St Colfax, WA 95713

liberty dental plan & mint dental

If you have a dental problem, you can get the answers of the Mint Dentistry Condition Dental Dentists by writing your dental problems in the comment field.

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