MI Paste Plus Fluoride Toothpaste * Mi Paste Plus Review Dental Implants

MI Paste Plus Fluoride Toothpaste * Mi Paste Plus Review

MI Paste Plus with Fluoride is a non-fluoride toothpaste. Without fluoride, mint, 40 mg, 1% – sugar-free concentrated topical paste containing a unique blend of dentin, polishing, and cleaning agents. The active ingredient, Recaldant (CPP-APS) binds calcium and phosphate ions together to prevent tooth decay, plaque, and surrounding hard tissue from becoming too acidic. Under normal circumstances, the polishing and cleaning agents in this paste are neutralized by the natural acids found in your saliva, but during times of high activity or stress, the polishing and cleaning agents in this paste can be weakened, allowing plaque to coat the teeth. This will cause the teeth to become more susceptible to cavities. For optimum oral health, it is recommended that you avoid the use of products containing fluoride.

It is very important that children below six years of age not be exposed to fluoridated products. Therefore MI Paste Plus is only available in the patented form of gel under the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). It is also available in the patented form of the capsule with a refrigerator overnight storage. This ensures that this product remains effective even when refrigerated. Therefore, it is an easy, convenient and effective way to prevent cavities and save your smile!

There are minimal side effects for the users of MI Paste Plus. However, because of its patent-pending status, it is recommended that you consult your dentist before using this product at-home or in-office. Because of its sensitivity to acid, it is recommended that you do not use it on inflamed gums and inflamed gum tissue.

Mi Paste Plus Review – How Does It Work?

MI Paste Plus comes in two versions namely, a water-based and a milk derivative-based formula. Each version contains a unique formulation of ingredients that target plaque formation. The water-based formula contains a patented ingredient called Carrageenan, which is derived from a seaweed plant. It has been found to inhibit DPA (Diplocytosporin) which is known to be a key agent for plaque formation and cavity formation; thus it prevents tooth decay.

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved the formula containing Recalcreteyl as safe for use. Therefore, you can use it without any fear of exposing yourself to risks. You can get more information on this special toothpaste by visiting their website. They have a list of dentists who are offering the FDA-approved treatment for caries. You can choose one who offers the best treatment according to your teeth’ needs.

In short, Mi Paste Plus works well to prevent tooth decay and provide strong protection against inflammation. However, it can’t guarantee that your teeth will remain intact. Hence, it is highly recommended to take it along with regular brushing and flossing to ensure maximum effectiveness. If used regularly, you can keep your mouth healthy and avoid any sensitivity or other oral issues that might crop up at the time of using the in-office treatment.

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