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Keystone Dental Implants is the best functional and aesthetically developed implant compared to its competitors. Keystone Dental Implants is a dental health company that develops easy-to-use implants, biomaterials and planning software compared to its competitors. This company has services from Implants Systems, Prosthetic Solutions, Surgical Instruments and Surgical Equipment. There are 4 implant models developed by their own engineers. These; Genesis, TILOBEMAXX ™, Prima Plus ™, PrimaConnex®

Genesis: This type of implant produces macro-micro-nano-tissues of natural bone to provide enhanced osseointegration.

TILOBEMAXX®: This type can settle immediately into a molar extraction slot.

Prima Plus™: It has the feature of being immediately placed in this type of space.

PrimaConnex®: This type of postoperative treatment is guaranteed to be very fast.

Keystone Dental Implants *New Products Types of Dental Implants

Keystone Dental Implants Review and Specs

Contact to reach this company;

Keystone Dental, Inc.
Legal, Manufacturing,
Global Headquarters
154 Middlesex Turnpike
Burlington, MA 01803 USA

Toll Free: 1-866-902-9272
Phone: 1-781-328-3300
Fax: 1-781-328-3400

Most Asked Questions

There are 4 type. These; Genesis, TILOBEMAXX ™, Prima Plus ™, PrimaConnex®

Dentists have been making this implant for many years. In addition, implant technology continues to advance. This dental implant is easy and reliable.

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