Is a Temp-Bond Nebulizer the Best Option For Emergency Dental Restoration? Dental Implants

Is a Temp-Bond Nebulizer the Best Option For Emergency Dental Restoration?

Although the concept of temporary dental cement may sound strange, it is becoming more common for dentists to offer this as a solution to temporary tooth loss. It is also used by cosmetic dentists when creating a crown to rest on a tooth. This material is different from the typical temporary tooth cement because it is not hardened and does not need to be shaped. As a result, it can be applied more easily and quickly and it lasts longer.

Unlike a normal dental cement, a temporary dental cement that is applied by means of a needle is not recommended. For one thing, there is an increased risk of infection from a foreign object moving into an already infected area, which can lead to serious consequences. The use of an undone or temp-bond nebulizer makes it easier to apply because the shape of the device allows it to be injected more accurately and with greater force than a needle could be.

To make an undone, temporary restoration, simply add three to four drops of undone (or whichever brand you prefer) to an empty syringe bottle. Then, attach the needle to the jugular bulb in the device. The process is similar to applying a temporary bandage.

For a temp-bond nebulizer, a single mixing pad unidose is required, and this must be attached to a plastic tube inside the nebulizer. The process is identical as applying a temp-bandage except that this time, a single mixing pad is used instead of a needle. In the past, mixing pads were attached to plastic tubes that ran from the mixing chamber to the nebulizer. This caused the mixing process to stop while the pad was being mixed, and sometimes the mixing pad would break. Now the mixing chamber is enclosed in a clear tubing so that the nebulizer cannot become dirty.

If you are using a temp-bond undone or tem-bond nebulizer, your dentist will have instructions for proper filling and disposal. Also, because an undone generally has a stronger chemical composition that a bond, it is usually more expensive than a bond. As an alternative, you may also consider a Bonding Paste which is a less expensive option and is usually available at your cosmetic dentist’s office.

A Temp-Bond Nebulizer is useful for providing temporary restoration for many situations. However, be sure to follow all the manufacturer’s instructions and safety precautions. While a Temp-Bond Nebulizer can provide immediate relief of pain, allergic reactions may be possible. Also, the use of Temp-Bond should not replace the services of a dentist.