Hybrid Dental Implants **hybrid dentures** Dental Implants

Hybrid Dental Implants **hybrid dentures**

Hybrid dental implants could be a new treatment for patients. If you have teeth and are not satisfied with your current smile, hybrid dentures may be the sure solution you are looking for. They are not as durable or expensive as a fixed prosthesis, but they are more robust than a snap-in prosthesis. A hybrid prosthesis is a type of implanted prosthesis designed to improve the support and strength of your prosthesis. Like removable dentures, hybrids sit on teeth and gums. However, they are attached to the dental implant with screws and cannot be removed without the help of an implant dentist. Hybrid prostheses, also called fixed removable prostheses, look more natural. Four to six dental implants are placed in the mouth to create a solid base to attach to. If you have teeth that you don’t want to remove but have significant bone loss, this hybrid between a removable prosthesis and dental implants may be the solution for you.

Before deciding whether hybrid prostheses are right for your lifestyle and needs, consider these pros and cons.

Advantages of hybrid prostheses

Because hybrid dentures screw directly into dental implants, they provide better support. While other dentures can come loose or come out during normal activities such as talking or eating, hybrid dentures won’t.

These dentures are not only robust, they also look like natural teeth. Unlike snap-ins, the hybrid prosthesis does not cover the mouth, allowing the user to enjoy food and drink better. Red creams and adhesives are not necessary to keep hybrid dentures in place. Rubber irritation is eliminated, as well as slipping of the prosthesis, and the firmness of the bite is increased, allowing for a wider choice of food.

Disadvantages of hybrid prostheses

A common drawback of hybrid dentures is that a small amount of food or bacteria can build up under the dentures and cause discomfort. They are also more difficult to clean than dentures, but daily maintenance is as easy as cleaning natural teeth. For daily maintenance, the wearer must visit and clean the dentist, dental floss and grooming regularly every six months to a year.

While hybrid dentures are less bulky than removable dentures, misalignment can lead to fractures or even loss of bone around the dental implants to which they are attached. That is why it is important to have a good fit for hybrid dentures. It is also important to find a qualified implant dentist to ensure that the implants are correctly inserted and healed.

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