How To Properly Hold Your Dentures Dental Implants

How To Properly Hold Your Dentures

Poligrip is a high-quality, medical grade adhesive that’s used in conjunction with dental wax to restore damaged, chipped or peeling dental implants. It’s primarily used for temporary veneers or temporary fixed bridges until a longer or permanent fixed dental implant is available. It’s been used on teeth for over a century and serves many different dental needs. If you need a dental implant but you’re not sure if it can be fixed by a polish or not, poligrip is the only way to go.

How To Properly Hold Your Dentures Dental Products

Poligrip works because it bonds with the surface of the denture and “seals” in the new denture so it doesn’t move around. If a dentist decides to “cure” the denture using a metal bonder, they’d usually heat the denture in an ultrasonic machine in order to bond the cement properly. Unfortunately, heat can cause some serious problems, such as zinc poisoning. If the heat is done at too high of a level, the denture can break down, and the cement may also blister, making it very difficult to clean, and even more difficult to fix in the long run.

For patients who have a large amount of copper depletion, or a history of zinc poisoning, poligrip may be their last option. Not only is it less expensive than fixing the dentures, it is less likely to cause zinc poisoning, as well. Although there haven’t been any studies directly linking poligrip with zinc poisoning, there are cases where patients have been given too much copper and experienced severe zinc poisoning. In these cases, the patient usually ends up in the hospital in serious condition.

The good news is that poligrip-like denture creams can be purchased online to replace your old dentures, but before purchasing one, you should consult a dentist first. Since there’s still no concrete evidence on whether poligrip can be safe for everyone, a dentist can give you more accurate feedback. Even though the process sounds simple enough, it is recommended that you hire a professional company to do the job right. Some dentists may be unwilling to spend the money on poligrip, if they feel that it is too complicated to fix. On the other hand, some insurance companies may cover the cost of the denture cream because it can be used as a substitute for the real thing.

Poligrip Denture Cream consists of a series of strips that are applied to your denture edges. You need to apply the first strip, which comes with instructions, to hold firmly to the dentures. This first strip will also allow you to see whether your denture will hold stubbornly onto the dentures, or if you need to apply more strips to make them more secure. Usually, this process takes only a few minutes, and after the first few applications, you won’t even have to remove the dentures to check.

The majority of people, however, will experience only mild symptoms. As long as you follow the instructions and take care of your dentures properly, there shouldn’t be any adverse effects. As long as you brush your teeth properly and visit your dentist regularly, the risk of developing gum disease will be minimal. If you want to learn more about a great way to protect your dentures against early damage, check out my blog.