Fortigate Dental System - The Leader In Single Patient Resin Fabrication Dental Implants

Fortigate Dental System – The Leader In Single Patient Resin Fabrication

Obligation of Obligatory Maintenance: Dental Installation and Repair is a term used by Garrison Dental to describe their ability to install and repair prosthetic and composite restorations. It is one of the best selling products from the world of dental technology, known for its high quality and innovation. With the introduction of the new Fortigate Dental Composite Implant System, we are now able to provide a comprehensive solution to all prosthetic restoration requirements. The system incorporates a facial sutures interface system, designed with the needs of the patient in mind. The system is designed to be interlocked with the existing cross-section of the jaw frame to ensure optimal functioning.

Fortigate Dental uses a variety of composites and bonding methods to offer the best prosthetic solutions possible to patients suffering from various conditions. The composite materials used range from silicon carbide, epoxy, polystyrene and diamond fiber to meet the needs of each patient. With the help of interproximal technology, we are able to create a mechanical interface between the composite and prosthetic which ensures the greatest possible mechanical advantage and minimal trauma to the patient’s gums. Using the newest composite technologies, we are able to design a high-precision and fully encapsulated mechanical interface which is capable of achieving an anatomically optimized fit, unparalleled stability and tensile strength.

Our Fortigate Dental Composite Implant System is comprised of a 3-layer anatomically correct composite structure, comprised of diamond fiber, intercross sections and polystyrene. The intercross sections work together to ensure the optimal anatomical design and tensile strength of the composite. In addition to this, the diamond fiber and polystyrene fibers used for the structural support layer are meticulously combining using the finest diamond powders available today. This ensures that the final product is free of defects and irregularities and offers a full complement of superior cosmetic dentistry.

Our Fortigate Dental Composite Implant System offers a full complement of superior cosmetic dentistry. The entire dental procedure is performed under local anesthesia with local sealing gels to minimize bleeding and swelling. After the surgical procedure, all surgical components are surgically integrated and sealed to prevent infection. Following a successful oral exam by our Fortigate Dental team, the patient will be scheduled for an oral surgery pre-scheduled to ensure that the entire procedure is performed with the utmost accuracy. Throughout the process, our state-of-the-art computerized technology allows our Fortigate Dental team to deliver on schedule and provide exceptional client service.

Our Fortigate Dental System utilizes our state-of-the-art diamond-tipped hand tools, diamond composite cutting machines, and diamond fiber hand tools to manufacture the most technologically superior dental restorations and implantation solutions available. Unlike other similar products, our Fortigate Dental system utilizes state-of-the-art composite cutting machines to achieve a more rapid cutting time for the same level of accuracy and detail as a traditional diamond-tipped cutter. Unlike other products available, our Fortigate Dental uses a high-precision diamond-tipped laser to cut the diamond fiber while producing an intense beam of light. The result is a precision, high-speed cutting process which produces superior results with minimal secondary metals, eliminating metal slippage and other secondary problems common to other methods. A Fortigate Dental System is the global leader in single patient resin fabrication and sectional matrix customization.

Our company is committed to providing the best cosmetic dentistry services to patients of Fortigate Dental. Our talented team of cosmetic dentists and technicians use our state-of-the-art dental products and surgical techniques to create the highest quality dental work. We are also proud to be a leader in the field of aesthetic dentistry and in using state-of-the-art materials to create dental restorations and implants. Our goal is to provide the highest level of personalized dental care for every patient. Our goal is to be the world’s leader in cosmetic dentistry and in offering the finest dental services to our customers around the globe.