Feline Dental Chart * 2020 Toot Chart And Tooth Number Chart Dental Implants

Feline Dental Chart * 2020 Toot Chart And Tooth Number Chart

Feline dental chart is preferred by veterinaries when admitting cats to the clinic with complaints of toot chart problems. If you have a cat with any type of dental problem, you simply apply to a veterinary clinic in your area. Once you arrive there, you are asked to fill up a form which is called Feline Dental Chart in order to help the veterinary have a better understanding of the problem your cat suffers from. Reviewing the information you provided in the form, the veterinary performs initial exams for diagnosis. The next phase is to decide the right treatment to get the best result.

Toot Chart

Skull Type: Mandibular Symphysis: Occlusion: Oral Exam Findings:
O Brachycephalic O Intact O Ideal/Normal AB- Abrasion LAC- Laceration T/FX/EF- Enamel Fracture
O Mesocephalic O Separation O MAL/1-Neutrocclussion AT- Attrition O- Missing Tooth T/FX/ EI- Enamel Infraction
O Dolichocephalic O Laxity                     O Distoversion CS-Caudal Stomatitis OM- Oral Mass T/FX/UCF- Uncomplicated Crown Fracture
Temporomandibular       -Mild/Mod/Severe                     O Labioversion CWD- Crowding PE- Pulp Exposure T/FX/CCF- Complicated Crown Fracture
Palpation: Upper Airway:                     O Linguoversion E/D- Enamel Defect RD- Retained Deciduous Tooth T/FX/UCRF- Uncomplicated Crown-Rt Fracture
O Normal O Elongated Soft Palate                     O Mesioversion E/H- Enamel Hypocalcification/Hypoplasia RO- Rotated Tooth T/FX/CCRF- Complicated Crown-Rt Fracture
O Pain O Palate Defect                     O Rostral Crossbite FB- Foreign Body SE- Supraerupted T/FX/RF- Rt Fracture
O Crepitus O Stenotic Nares                     O Caudal Crossbite GH- Gingival Hyperplasia/Hypertrophy SN- Supernumerary T/ LUX- Luxated Tooth
O Clicking O Tonsilitis O MAL/2-Mand Distocclusion GR- Gingival Recession ST/CU- Contact Ulcer Stomatitis T/NV- Non-Vital Tooth
O Inhibited O Oroantral Fistula (OAF) O MAL/3-Mand Mesiocclusion IE- Infraerupted T/A- Avulsed Tooth TR- Tooth Resorption


Feline Dental Chart * 2020 Toot Chart And Tooth Number Chart Animal Dental Information















Tooth Number Chart

Radiograph: Exodontia: Other Surgical: Subgingival:
DTC- Dentigerous Cyst (suspect) CRA- Crown Amputation BG- Bone Graft RPC- Root Planing Closed
FX- Fracture CRR- Crown Reduction OAF/R- Oroantral Fistula Repair RPO- Root Planing Open
pRC- Prev Root Canal Therapy X- Simple Closed Extract ONF/R- Oronasal Fistula Repair Subgingival Antibiotics:
RTR- Retained Tooth Root XS- Non-Sx Extract with Sectioning CLIN-Clindoral
SYM- Symphyseal Separation XSS- Surgical Extraction Suture: DOX- Doxirobe
           -Type 1  /  2  /  3     O Buccal Cortical Bone Removal     O Chromic Gut___ Prophylaxis:
T/E- Embedded Tooth     O Alveoloplasty     O Monocryl___ PRO- Perio Prophylaxis
T/I- Impacted Tooth        O Hand Scaling
TR- Tooth Resorption Periodontal Surgery:      O Ultrasonic Scaling
PVP- Prev Vital Pulp Therapy GV- Gingivoplasty/Gingivectomy Diagnostics:      O Subgingival Curettage
OP- Operculectomy B/E- Biopsy Excisional      O Chlorhex/Pumice Polish
  B/I- Biopsy Incisional      O Fluoride
Restoration: CS- Culture/Sensitivity      O OraVet
BD- Bonded Sealant      O Sanos


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