Ecu Dental School * 2020 Best Of Dental Schools Dental Implants

Ecu Dental School * 2020 Best Of Dental Schools

Ecu Dental School (East Carolina University School) of Ecu School of Dental Medicine is an educational programme that aims to raise qualified dentists in order to address the dental care demand, especially in the rural areas of the East Carolina. The key principle of the ECU Dental School is to deliver excellent dental education and training to make sure all graduate dentists are ready to serve the people in the most efficient way.  If you dream to be a dentist, the Ecu Dental School is a wonderful education institution you should consider. Being an Ecu Dental school graduate will boost your reputation in the dentistry field.

School of Dental Medicine


1851 MacGregor Downs Rd | Greenville, NC 27834 USA | 252-737-7000

Minor Emergency Vidant Health
2380 W. Arlington Blvd., Greenville, NC 27834
Open daily 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.
Phone 252-847-1537

Vidant Medical Center Emergency Department
2355 Heart Drive, Greenville, NC 27834
Open 24-hours
Phone 252-847-0279 or 252-847-0191
Children’s Emergency Department Phone 252-847-1517

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