ECU Dental College * 2021 How Does ECU Dental School Benefit Future Dentists? Dental Implants

ECU Dental College * 2021 How Does ECU Dental School Benefit Future Dentists?

ECU dental college is the first dental college in eastern Carolina. It is North Carolina’s second accredited dental school, which only recently enroll its first class in the spring of 2020. ECU SoD was established with a mission to remedy the severe shortage of skilled dentists in the area across North Carolina. The college offers a variety of online programs as well as on-campus instruction for the interested students. Because it is located in Raleigh, one of the busiest cities in the United States, the number of students applying to this program is expected to grow each year.

What makes ECU SoD so unique is its focus on the pediatric dentistry. Most traditional colleges and universities only offer undergraduate programs in dentistry. This leaves a huge segment of potential students with a serious lack of training. In most cases, dentists are not trained in any specialties that they can use to help develop patient’s oral health. Because most dentists don’t specialize, patients tend to suffer from improper care, lack of progress, and other issues related to substandard care. Traditional dental education usually does not take into consideration the needs of the children or adolescents who may require more specialized services.

ECU Dental College * 2021 How Does ECU Dental School Benefit Future Dentists? Dental Schools

How Does ECU Dental School Benefit Future Dentists?

This lack of education leaves many North Carolina residents with improper oral health. One in three North Carolinians do not meet the recommended daily oral health goals for those aged twelve and older. Most of these children and adolescents do not receive dental treatment on an annual basis, because they are unable to make the necessary investment at their local dentist. With the help of qualified professional dental assistants, it is possible for even those families who live in areas with limited access to dentists to get the care they need and deserve.

The training program offered at ECU dental schools will prepare future dentists to work with individuals who have unique needs. In eastern north Carolina and across the country, there are more children and adolescents living with special needs. This includes individuals with physical disabilities, cognitive disabilities, developmental disorders, and other unique health conditions that affect a child’s ability to bond with his or her dentist. Special education dentistry and pediatric dental care will help to ensure that children and adolescents receiving care receive the best possible care.

ECU dental schools will also offer courses that focus on pediatrics, which has become one of the biggest concerns facing dentists across the country. Pediatric dentistry is becoming the number one specialty that offers treatment options specific to children with special needs. Some of the problems common to children and adolescents include severe dental decay, mouth breathing problems, and growth deficiencies. Through careful research, thorough assessments, and expert evaluation, pediatric dentists can diagnose and treat these disorders, giving them the smile that they deserve.

ECU dentists benefit from their proximity to a hospital as well as their association with a major dental school. This allows dentists to collaborate and share information regarding patients, treatments, and techniques. This sharing of information helps to build relationships that build trust and confidence between patients and their dentists. These relationships and trust allow patients to feel confident in their care and receive the care that they need without being afraid to ask for help or talking to their primary care physicians. The close relationship that develops between a patient and his or her primary care physician allows these individuals to receive the treatment that they need from a trusted source.