DenTek Mouth Canker Cover Instructions * Canker Cover Rewiev Dental Implants

DenTek Mouth Canker Cover Instructions * Canker Cover Rewiev

Mouth canker, also known as aphthous stomatitis, is a condition that occurs when the soft tissue surrounding the tooth becomes irritated and inflamed. This inflammation can progress into a more serious condition known as an abscess. An abscess occurs when bacteria form within the gum and reach the deep tissue of the tooth. The bacteria can then begin to infect the nerves and blood vessels that feed the tooth. When the bacteria spread to other areas of your body, you may experience symptoms such as fever, chills, vomiting, and swelling of the face and extremities.

Canker Sore Patch Canker Cover is an effective over-the-counter treatment for mouth ulcers that adheres quickly to the surface of the gum to provide soothing relief. Made from natural botanical Menthol, Canker Cover promotes immediate healing and relieves pain and discomfort from canker sores. Formed into a gel cover, the Canker Cover prevents future irritation and helps to heal existing sores.

Active Ingredients: Xylitol and Menthol

The xylitol in the canker cover acts to neutralize and soften existing discoloration from the bacteria. By creating a gel-like substance, the xylitol gently abrades the surface of the gum tissue. As it abrades, it also provides comfort and is a gentle and cooling agent. Since xylitol is a naturally sweeter substance than many other forms of sugar, it works effectively to provide relief for this painful and itchy condition.

Aphthous and Canker Cover: This amazing oral tablet contains an advanced emulsion technology that combines powerful anti-bacterial agents with soothing plant extracts to address dental discomfort and inflammation that can develop from canker sores. Extracted directly from the roots of the Passion Flower, this powerful emulsion formula instantly eases painful and itchy irritation while providing long-lasting soothing relief. The plant-based active ingredients work to safely and deeply penetrate the skin for maximum benefit. Aphthous and Canker Cover are anti-inflammatory agents that provide long-lasting soothing relief for irritated and damaged teeth. They act as a powerful antibacterial to inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria and encourage the growth of helpful strains.

Canker Cover Instructions

Other active ingredients in Canker Cover include grape seed oil, Shea butter, Vitamin E, and a d’arco (an herbal derivative that promotes healthy bone structure). These plant-derived oils and emollients work to naturally soothe and heal the sensitive surface tissues and structures of the gum. Peppermint oil, lemon extract, and licorice root extract also contribute to this remarkable formula. With all these ingredients working together this product is a huge leap forward in the field of oral care.

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