Boston Dental School Business Management Issues At Boston University Dental Implants

Boston Dental School Business Management Issues At Boston University

Boston Dental School, The Henry M. Goldman School of Dentistry is actually the oldest dental school in Boston. Its curriculum is renowned for its applied experience-oriented program, which provides students real-life experience in a busy dental office as a part of their clinical training. There are several locations of Boston University dental schools in Massachusetts, including both the Main Campus and the Backstage Dental Institute. You will be able to choose from the usual campus life at Harvard Square and the exciting campus life at Boston University’s Main Campus. Both offer comprehensive, quality dental programs.

In July of 2020, Boston University alumna Elizabeth Spencer became the latest graduate to enter the world of dentistry. Spencer earned her Bachelor of Science in dentistry at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. As a student, she gained valuable experience in her dorm room while participating in the university’s oral surgery rotations. After graduating, she went on to gain admission to the Dentistry Master’s Program at the Boston University School of Dentistry. During the course of her studies, Spencer became a practicing dentist in Massachusetts and worked in the prestigious Boston Harbor clinic before becoming a Dean’s Associate in the Boston University School of Dentistry.

This past summer, Spencer was one of twenty dentists who were chosen as fellows by the American Dental Association’s Division of Continuing Education. As a participant in the fellowship program, Spencer was given the opportunity to travel around the United States to participate in conferences, focus groups, and oral surgeries. She was also allowed to attend lectures on the latest advances in dentistry and take lab classes in dental implants, periodontics, and robotics.

This past spring, Boston University’s Dean of Dental Surgery, Richard J. Lenskey, stepped down from his position. As previously reported by Boston University News, the move was made in an attempt to free up Mr. Lenskey’s time to work on the other important projects in the dental school. According to the news article, Mr. Lenskey is the former president of the technology company, Radiology Associates of Boston, which has been working with Boston University on the development of new medical equipment and technologies for more than thirty years. Mr. Lenskey is expecting to retire from that position in late 2020. Other members of the Boston University faculty that will be affected by the departure of Mr. Lenskey’s predecessor are: Associate Professor John Q. Cuff, and his Deputy, Associate Professor Marie Spade. Mr. Lenskey is not leaving the school to pursue his dental research into spinal cord injuries resulting from automobile accidents, as had been speculated.

According to the Boston University News, the departing Dean of Dentistry, Richard J. Lenskey, ‘erred’ in part because of his desire to spend more time with his family. Although he had agreed to limit his speaking engagements in the past due to a fear that if he were too much engaged in the dental industry that his wife might leave him, he indicated to his co-chairsman that he wanted to speak at a school graduation ceremony in the near future. The news article also indicates that Mr. Lenskey ‘was not’ trying to change the minds of the co-chairsmen who have opposed his promotions. As had been anticipated, this issue was quickly addressed by the Dean of Graduate Studies, and a statement was issued saying that Mr. Lenskey would resign, effective immediately, and that a new Dean would be put in place to succeed him. No reason was given as to why Mr. Lenskey was leaving the university.

It should be noted that in this case, Mr. Lenskey’s wife is not listed as a director on the company’s board, as had been the case during the six years Mr. Lenskey served as president of Radiology Associates of Boston, the company where he is listed as a senior vice president. This, too, had been the case during the six years that Mr. Lenskey served as president of Medical Associates of Boston University, where his wife served on the board of the parent company. In light of all of the information, it appears that Mr. Lenskey acted in good faith as a husband trying to fulfill his obligation to his wife as a co-founder of the company, while demonstrating a willingness to dispense his knowledge as a leader to other companies in the dental implant surgery business. He did not breach the fiduciary standard of care.