Alternatives to Dental Implants **New Alternatives** Dental Implants

Alternatives to Dental Implants **New Alternatives**

Alternatives to Dental implants can offer many financial and health benefits. However, they are very successful, healthy, and long-lasting treatments for patients with tooth deficiency. But the cost of Dental implants not cheap than alternatives to dental implants. Today, it is the best new treatment option in modern dentistry. However, all patients may not be able to implant teeth. That’s why we will try to explain dental implant alternatives.


1) Tooth-Supported Fixed Bridge

It is the treatment of the patient’s teeth and teeth. Restoring a single tooth used in treatment is the most common alternative to implant therapy. When several teeth are lost, the appearance and chewing function often suffer considerably. Mutual stabilization of the teeth is lost. These gaps must be closed with a bridge in order to prevent incorrect loads. Bridges ensure the chewing function and enable the restoration of a complete row of teeth.


2) Removable Partial Denture

We can say the second most difficult treatment for the patient. Because they are not fixed in the mouth. This partial prosthesis is a dental prosthesis that prevents dislocation with the buckles that fit around the existing teeth. If there is a larger gap in the teeth, this can be closed with a partial denture. The new teeth are attached to the remaining ones with brackets. An inexpensive variant that does not deliver any sophisticated aesthetics. Another disadvantage: the remaining teeth can be loosened by the unfavorable load. This can lead to tooth loss and thus to an even larger tooth gap.


3) Removable Full Denture

We can say the first of the most difficult treatments for the patient. A complete removable denture is supported by the tissue covering the gums and bone for the tooth. It can be preferred as it is simpler and cheaper than dental implants. With a full denture, toothless patients get a complete set of teeth again. In this variant, the new teeth are supported by a gum-colored plastic base. This covers the entire palate in the upper jaw, which can impair the taste sensation. The prosthesis is held by the resulting suction forces. Sticky saliva and a pronounced jaw ridge contribute to the better hold of the full denture.


4) Resin-Bonded Bridge

Another name for this treatment is Maryland bridge. It is the treatment in which chewing in the mouth is in front of the gear, up to the teeth.

You can write that you prefer the treatment and give an idea to other patients. You can also find a more suitable implant skin by reading our Cheap Dental Implants topic.

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