A Lavender Ointment For Freshening Breath Dental Implants

A Lavender Ointment For Freshening Breath

Description: Thera SOL (Sodium Lactate) concentrated oral rinse is a high quality, highly concentrated, antimicrobial oral rinse, which is specially designed to inhibit plaque, kill odor causing bacteria, and leave the mouth feel fresh and clean after professional dental work. The antimicrobial activity of Thera SOL comes from a combination of naturally occurring ingredients such as sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), malic acid (MCT), and menthol. This product is designed for professionals. It is used to dissolve and treat plaque, but can also be used on their own. It is available in three strengths. One, two and six-ounce bottles are available.

What is the best way to use Thera SOL? It is recommended that a professional dental cleaning service, such as a dental hygienist, use a rinse with an equal amount of the same strength of the therasol to clean and rinse their client’s teeth and gums. This diluted the therasol rinse into the dental cleaning equipment. Then the dental technicians begin to use the dilution of the therasol on the teeth and gums. Then the dental technicians rinse the dental equipment.

Is the product safe for people with dental phobias? People with dental phobias should not use Thera SOL to clean or rinse their teeth. Thera SOL contains methyl salicylate, a substance that can cause adverse effects, especially if there are multiple medications being taken at the same time. However, the only known side effects associated with the use of Thera SOL for brushing and oral rinsing are slight stomach irritation and mild, temporary tooth sensitivity. Bad breath is treated by brushing with a commercial product that is formulated to eliminate the bacteria from the mouth.

Does it contain any artificial sweeteners? The other rests on a shelf and is not included in any of the products that are produced in the Thera company. Therefore, it is not likely that the thera could ever have any artificial sweetening effects on the individuals who utilize it. The ingredients of the thera, including the sugar, are all natural. There are also no reports that it has any type of chemical taste.

Is it low in calories? When using the other for oral irrigation, many of the studies done showed that the other contained a low amount of calories. Additionally, it contained a very low amount of sodium. Many consumers enjoy the fact that the it is low in calories and contains no artificial flavors and no artificial sweeteners. Because it is also low in sodium, it is considered to be a highly substantive and versatile ingredient.

Is it an antimicrobial? Is thera herb intended to fight harmful oral bacteria like the staph bacterium? No, the other does not fight harmful bacteria. The other is used primarily to help relieve oral infections because it contains properties that are antiseptic and antifungal. For this reason, it can be used in conjunction with other oral antiseptics to help alleviate conditions such as mouth ulcers, periodontitis, penile warts, inflamed gums and other ailments.