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My Tooth Fell Out And Now I Have A Hole * Treatment?

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One patient applied to the clinic with the question of my tooth fell out and now I have a hole. With the necessary treatments for this, the patient regained his health.… Read the rest

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How To Eat A Hamburger With Dentures * 2021

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How to eat a hamburger with dentures can be a bit of a challenge. You have to learn how to use your dentures properly in order to make them as easy and comfortable as possible for eating.… Read the rest

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Ultimate Fit Dentures * 2021 New Dentures

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Ultimate Fit Dentures are the ideal option for people who have lost all of their teeth. A typical smile is a beautiful thing, but when you have lost all of your teeth it can be a lot more than just aesthetically pleasing.… Read the rest

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Crown Fell Out And Smells * Dental Crowns

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One day, your dental crown fell out and smells funny. Do you suspect something happened to it? The first thing to do is to send it to the dentist, right away.… Read the rest

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Teeth Cleaning Without Exam * 2021 New Treatment

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Teeth Cleaning Without Exam is something that most people do not think of until they start to notice bad breath or teeth sensitivity. These problems can be embarrassing to the person who has them and usually require a visit to a dentist for a professional cleaning and examination.… Read the rest

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Wisdom Tooth Root Canal * 2021

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Wisdom tooth root canal is important. One of the most common dental procedures performed by a cosmetic dentist is a wisdom tooth. This procedure involves the removal of the impacted or infected wisdom tooth and also the adjacent teeth for diagnosis and repair.… Read the rest

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How Long Can You Delay Getting A Crown? * 2021

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How Long Can You Delay Getting A Crown question is important. You have probably heard a lot lately about dental crowns. This is because of the rising number of people that are suffering from tooth loss.… Read the rest

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White Stuff in Socket After Tooth Extraction * 2021

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White Stuff in Socket After Tooth Extraction, If your dental practitioner found tartar buildup in your socket after tooth extraction, he may recommend white stuff in socket after tooth extraction (WSI).… Read the rest

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Low Yield Medical Schools * 2021

Category: Dental Schools

Low Yield Medical Schools are getting more difficult to find these days, because so many are closing due to the economic downturn. The ones that are remaining are often highly selective about who they accept, and it is not uncommon for many of them to require you to have a high GPA score.… Read the rest

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Carifree Mouthwash * Health Benefits Of Carfrees And The Carifree System

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CariFree is an oral rinse comprised of natural minerals and other plant based ingredients that help prevent tooth decay and other dental problems from recurring. Cavities are typically caused by a bacterial balance in the mouth.… Read the rest